READONE is an E-commerce platform for global publications.
We sell multilingual publications on a untified platform by bringing together small and medium-sized booksellers all around the world. Here with us, you will strat a brand new journey of sales and marketing in a global perspective.
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Boundless Reading:

Here you can inquire all book information globally in familiar language interface, without obstacles of information acquisition.

Here you can view sales information on all kinds of books, in widely used languages and other languages, in mass market and niche market, thus any specific demand cannot be neglected.

Here you can have an opportunity to buy books from nearby booksellers, regardless of any geographical limitation.

Five Steps Make Shopping Easy!
Many benefits come from selling on Readone
Free use : 0 annual fee, 0 platform fee.
Providing cross-border door-to-door packaging and delivery service, pre-order business available, more opportunities and less costs.
Single commodity page, platform traffic sharing.
Regardless of scale, you are easy to do multi-item transactions and obtain extra market opportunities by expanding the range of commodities.
Enjoying unified marketing promotion from READONE.
Getting Started with Selling on Readone.

eadone gives you an opportunity to buy books from nearby booksellers, regardless of any geographical limitation.

ou can choose where you want to ship to at the top navigation of any pages. When you place an order, you can choose an expected delivery time. And we will offer you the accurate shipping cost according to your expected delivery time.

ince the shipping methods are set up by sellers, the detailed shipping information will be supplied by sellers.

We provide you a simple
return & refund process!

If you don't receive your books, or the books are not satisfied our ' Three Guarantees-- Authentic Guarantee, Good Quality Guarantee, On Time Delivery Guarantee', you can click 'Apply for Return' at the page of order details.

If you get agreement with the seller about the return, you will get your refund when seller receiving the returned books.

Claim with Readone

If you are not satisfied with the seller's solutions, you can click 'Complain Seller' at the page of order details. Then your claim will send to us via email.

When we receive your claim email, we will contact you and the seller. We will judge according to all documents you offered. If your claim is true and the seller's solution is really not satisfied our 'Three Guarantee', you will get your refund according to our final decision.